Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Update from Snadville:

I'm doing pretty darn good, thank you. Lately, I've kind of decided to take the bull by the horns and just *decide* to not feel sick anymore. Heh. Easier said than done, I tell you. I sincerely believe that the stress of that last job at Hellhole, Inc. really took a toll on me, physically & mentally. I'm struggling now to get a handle on my various ailments, eat better, exercise, and keep a good mental attitude. That's a lot to do at once, but I'm trying to take each day one day at a time. Throughout my lifetime, I have always been overwhelmed by physical or mental "piles" of stuff to do so I'm trying to take tiny bites right now.

Neato thing happened this morning: I was in the shower, and my shower is one of those rare showers that has a window. I can't really see out it cuz I keep the blinds down, and there are bottles of various shampoos, shower gels, and such on the sill at eye level. As I was cleaning my parts, I distinctly heard a dove cooing. You know...the sound that sounds like an owl but isn't?? It was sitting its little feathery butt on my window sill, singing a tune and was, like, 8 inches from my nose. I could just see it under the edge of the blinds. The only reason that I knew that it was there was, well, it was a loud bird at 7am. I hate that Nikkasaurus missed it. She would have come unglued with a bird right outside the window.

In other important matters: At 34yo, it's really late for me to just be discovering the yumminess of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, but, well, I confess that I have *just* started eating them regularly. As a child, I remember Mom making us peanut butter crackers. I used to just lick the pb off. Didn't like the smooshiness of the pb along with the crispness of the cracker. I don't remember Mom packing pbj sandwiches in my lunch box either.....probably cuz I didn't like them. (Mainly, I remember sandwiches with thin-sliced, A&P sandwich meat.) Much later in life, my dear friend (aka partner-in-crime in an earlier post) who was also my roommate for several years ate lots of pbj sandwiches. I still had no taste for them. Then, several weeks back when I first became unemployed I think, I ate a pbj sandwich that I found in Andrew's fridge while he was at work. (I felt bad eating his food when he wasn't home so I tried to eat leftovers and such. Of course, he told me that I was being silly and could eat anything that I wanted.) Anyway, he had obviously made the sandwich for some reason and, then, never ate it. Even though the bread was slightly stale, the sandwich made me REALLY happy. On my last shopping trip, I bought my first jar of pb (Lowes Foods crunchy) and a jar of grape jelly (also Lowes Foods brand). Today, I brought my lunch so I could eat at my desk and make up the hour that I'm short this week since I saw the chiro yesterday. The best part is pbj sandwiches are cheap, and I'm all about cheap these days.