Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Guess what? I emailed the HR asst Monday night and found out that they send insurance changes/enrollments, etc to BCBS twice a month. My paperwork was mailed yesterday which means that, basically, I paid $246.50 for a whole month of nothing because the really important drs appts that I had to go had to be cancelled. They wouldn't see me without being able to verify my current policy!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!

In other news, life is just fine. My temp job is wonderful. I don't even care what they give me to do. They are paying me a ridiculous amount of $$. Well, it's more than I've ever made. I stood at the copier today and made so many copies that my feet hurt. Ouch.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is yummy. I had some after dinner tonight, and it made me very happy.

I forgot to mention something when I drunkenly posted my first post last Saturday night. When I talked to my former coworker, I found out something very interesting. You see---I was *very* close to the girls that I worked with at that hellhole. In fact, at one time, I didn't want to leave the job cuz I didn't want to leave them. After I started getting sick around Sept/Oct, I noticed a change in them (mainly my three closest friends). I thought it was my imagination cuz the birth control pill was wacking my emotions so bad, and I thought that everybody was mad at me back then. I told them what was going on with me so they knew all about my developing health problems.

A few weeks before I left, I did find out that one of the ladies was indeed mad at me, but we got that all straigtened out. (She had apparently began to resent the fact that part of her job was to help me on Fridays, and she began to take it out on me. Whatever. I just couldn't believe that she didn't try to talk to me about it or, at least, admit it when I asked her what was wrong. ) Here's the big news that I learned Saturday: I found out the other two girls were convinced that my sweet Andrew!!!...was responsible for my mood changes. Not my thyroid. Not the birth control pills. Not the unexplained digestive ailment. No, they thought that my sweet, flower-giving, everlastingly-supportive boyfriend who has held me countless times while I cried and has endured my many PMS-y freakouts was responsible for the "change" in me. It is so ludicrous that I still can't believe it. When I asked her why they didn't confront me, she said that they didn't think that it would do any good cuz I was so love-struck. When I mentioned that I had told them about my health problems' effect on me, she replied that they just didn't believe it was the cause. Her only explanation was that since I started to change about the time that I started dating Andrew, they just decided that he was the cause. WHAT?!?!? But, at the same time, I *also* found out my thyroid was wonky, started taking the pill, developed a digestive ailment, etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What about that?!?!?! Huh?!?!? Then, she also admited that they grew to hate hearing his name leave my lips. Now, I understand why they were all so weird at the holiday party. What kind of friend would think like that? What kind of friend would admit that they hated your boyfriend just cuz they had some *theory* that he must have somehow changed you, IN SPITE OF HOW WONDERFUL HE TREATS YOU? Whatever. I have enough friends. I don't need them.

Here's to all my *good* friends! You know who you are!