Sunday, February 24, 2002

So I tried and tried and tried to log on and post last night, but blogger was down, I guess. Basically, I wanted to say one thing. Yesterday was Andrew's & my 5 month anniversary.

I laid in bed this morning next to his sweet, sleeping self and thought about how many guys with which I had actually made it through 5 straight months out of the gate. Not many. Most guys whack out after 2-6 mos and say they wanna see other people or they're just not sure what they wanna do. Yeah, whatever. I think that I've found some sort of guy meter (for me, at least) cuz the guys that stayed with me (and me with them) for 5+ mos were *good* men. They treated me well.....for the most part. Then, again, yesterday, and every day of the last 5 months has NOT been about any others. Today, I write about my dear, sweet Andrew. (And, I must warn you. The sicky-sweet factor will be high on this post.)

We went to dinner last night just for the heck of it cuz we actually plan to celebrate our anniversary next weekend. Last week was just not a typical week for us, and, for various reasons, we weren't quite ready to celebrate. I wanted to get a few things from the mall for him, and because I was either *with* him or at my pad getting ready for the jewelry party, the weekend snuck up on me. He admitted that he wouldn't mind moving the celebration until next weekend. So, it's officially moved.

Gees. I can be wordy, can't I? The actually celebration of our anniversary is *so* not my point of this post. However, this is my blog so I guess that I can post whatever I want to. ;P


I wanna say something really nice about Andrew in today's blog. I'm just gonna write off the top of head....which is what I usually do anyway. I'm just not sure how to adequate explain how wonderful he is and how to express what my life has been like since he came into it.

Before Andrew came along, I had managed to become comfortable with my singleness. I had my own cool pad with my sweet furchild and the greatest friends with which to run about and play. The *best* friends in fact. Just last year about this time, I started going out a lot.....probably more than I'd ever gone out in my life. The important part was that I was really having fun. My main partner-in-crime & I met new, fun people, and I really started to feel like I belonged somewhere. I even finally had a crush on someone. Damn---I think I went several YEARS without having a crush so it was nice. I felt alive again and felt that the depression of the late 90s was so behind me.

Thanks to a dear friend, I met Andrew in May. I remember his beautiful eyes and the intelligent way that he spoke that night, but I just didn't even think of him as a potential boyfriend cuz he was/is 12 years younger than me. I guess I figured that I was just too old for him. What would we have in common anyway?

When I found out that he liked me, thanks again to the dear friend that introduced us, I decided to take a chance. I am always such a chickenbutt when it comes to boys....always have been. I guess that I'm so scared of rejection and making things all weird. Somehow, I found the courage to just email him and say "hey" and ask what was going on in his world since 9/11. Bam! the emailing began........

After a week of emailing, we met for dinner (5 mos and a day ago) at his favorite Irish restaurant. The food was great, and the conversation didn't stop. Of course, there were those uncomfortable silences, but silences are only uncomfortable when you're nervous. Hee. Truthfully, what struck me was that it felt *so right* to be with him. It was a new, strange feeling, and I later learned that it was mutual.

You know? I could detail the whole past 5 mos, if I put my mind to it, but I
guess that I want to point out a few things and wind this up......

It's really weird to just meet someone, look at them, and realize that *they* are
who you've waited your whole life for. "Where the *&^% have you been?", I wanted to ask him.

Truthfully, the time was right for us to come together last year when we did. If we'd have met when I started my dating life, he would have been 4. Heh. In later years when I wouldn't be thrown under the jail for dating him, he would have found me utterly depressed and undesirable, I would imagine. Then, I needed time after coming outta my depression to get myself together and live life again. After that is when he came along. Perfect timing, I say.

A few things that I love about him:

He makes me laugh.
He knows just the right things to say.
He tells me I'm "cute" and "pretty".
He wants to spend time with me....nearly all the time actually.
He likes my cat.....well, for the most part. He thinks we're both freaks, and we are. =^..^=
He wants the same things in life that I do (good job, someone to love and love completely, kids, a nice house, etc.).
He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.
He's not ashamed/resistant to introduce me to family/friends, and he's not ashamed/resistant to meeting mine.
He makes his bed, cleans up after himself, cooks, and is a great sometimes-roommate.
He's apparently crazy about me. He listens and truly tries to help or comfort.
His political beliefs are similar to mine, and so are his religious views.
He loves dressing up and going to Ren Faires.
He likes science fiction, plays D&D, and has great taste in movies.

I could go on and on, but I don't even know how to say what I'm trying to say unless I'm saying it in the middle of all these words.

I love him with all my heart and body and soul. He is truly my partner in this lifetime and I'm so thankful that he came into my life and in many ways has carried me through the last 5 mos. My hope is that I can be there for him like he has been there for me. I hope to be the girlfriend that he always wanted like he has been the boyfriend that I've always wanted. I hope to give him beautiful children one day with beautiful eyes like his.