Sunday, February 17, 2002

Finally. My own place to post stuff on the web.

I must admit that I'm a little tipsy right now, and the font on my boyfriend's machine is a little small so typos might be frequent.

The biggest news of the day for me? I finally talked to one of the coworker girls from the job I was just fired from in January. Apparently, they were told that my departure was a mutual decision. Yeah, right. Whatever. After 1 1/2 years on the job, you don't let an employee go without a clear reason. (Well, in this state, you *can* actually let someone go without a clear reason so I guess that I mean that you *shouldn't* let someone go without a clear reason. At least, not in snadville.) I was told by that bitch hr woman that I was being fired not because of a performance issue & not because they didn't like me.....but because it "just wasn't working out". What the hell does that mean? I had never been written up at work, and my evaluation was good.

Now, that I've had ~3 weeks to think on it, I believe that they let me go because of medical claims. During my tenure at that hellhole, I developed neck/shoulder problems, nearly constant burning/tingling in arms & legs, wrist pain, and, then, 5 months of yet-to be-explained diarrhea. Yipee. Two days before I was fired, I told my boss that I had several upcoming medical procedures that would cause me to be out two separate days. Then, I mentioned that I'd like to talk to him about my job since I was experiencing health problems that would affect how much I would be able to work in the upcoming weeks. He replied that we should have a conference on Friday. Well, on Friday, they fired me.

Truly, it was a blessing in disguise. My dear friend said "Congratulations!" when she saw me the day that I was fired, and that about summed it up.

More later......