Thursday, February 21, 2002

Interesting day.

1) Today, at my temp job, I spent the better part of the morning updating/organizing tax manuals. The funny thing is that in the summer of '82 when I was 14, I did the *same freaking thing* at Global Software where my sister worked in her college summers and where she became employed after graduation. They paid me $4 an hour which was a fortune cuz minimum wage was $3.35. I also shredded paper for the accounting dept. I am, 20 years later (did I just say "20 years"?) updating tax manuals again and making the best $$ that I've ever made. Maybe there's $$ in doing this full time. Maybe I should become a Tax Manual Updater. Something to think about.

2) My temp boss took me and the girl that I've been working with in the tax dept to lunch today. Apparently, they want to keep me after April 12, but no promises yet. I would *so love* to stay here. Keep your fingers crossed, please. I guess that I would be the admin asst for the tax dept....which wouldn't be bad if the $$ stays the same.....and maybe I would have the time/desire to go to school. The question is should I go for massage therapy or accounting? Again, something to think about.

Well, I'm outta here. Going to go home and do some stuff.