Sunday, February 17, 2002

Erf. Just got back from brunch with some buddies. I think that I ate everything that wasn't nailed down. It was yummy though. Now, I kind of want a nap, but I need to clean up the house and ferry (ha! I almost typed ferret!) Nikki back to my pad and get her settled. I just think that when Andrew gets home tonight that he'd like to let his ferrets have the run of the house. With Nikki here, the bedroom is off limits to them, and they just *love* his bedroom. Lots of interesting stuff to crawl on/behind/in to explore.

Yay! Andrew's coming home. Everytime that I realize that he's coming home tonight I get excited all over again. Hee.

You know? This blog thing is a weird, new thing for me. I swear that I feel performance anxiety about posting here. I don't really have anything *that* exciting to say. It's really just stuff off the top of my head, you know?