Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Well, the past few days haven't been good neck days. What's new, right? I saw the chiro doc today, and he said that I pulled a muscle---he called it something that started with a T---and that it's common even among folks who con't have neck troubles on a regular basis. He did his adjustment and remarked that, over all, I'm doing a lot better. Yay. As for the muscle strain, it's a lot better than it was Sunday when I last posted. I thought that I was going to die Sunday. Basically, I sat on the couch with lots of pillows, and Nurse Andrew took care of me. I was actually able to play "Halo" which gave me something to do while I was immobilized.

Note: if you strain a muscle, you're supposed to apply ICE to it for the first 24 hours. I put heat on it which probably made it worse even though the heat felt good at the time.

In other news, I applied for an accounts receivable (a/r) position at the company that I'm temping for. A/R is the flip-side of what I did at Hellhole, Inc. which was accounts payable (a/p). I have no idea how much it pays, but, thanks to a current a/r employee who I worked with at a previous job, I do know that the job isn't super stressful.

Today, I had the nicest time at lunch. I treated myself to a yummy Big Angus sammich at Quizno's, and, then, I browsed around the Dollar Store. Why is the Dollar Store so much fun?? I bought a teapot-shaped, terra cotta thermometer, a dish drainer for the sink, and a lint remover for $3.20. How cool is that?

Meanwhile, I need to get home to my furchild. She's been really clingy lately. I'm so busy this week too. Tonight, I saw my therapist which was nearly a waste of time cuz I'm getting back to my pre-birth control pill, pre-hypothyroid, pre-digestive problem self more every day.

And, that is such a good thing.