Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Beware, folks.

In case you didn't know, it *is* possible to put too much oil in your car. I know cuz I did it last night........

The day had already been quite a challenge. I missed the whole day of work cuz I took a muscle relaxer Monday night before bed to relax several muscles so I could sleep. My doc prescribed them last year when my neck troubles surfaced. I hadn't taken a whole pill in quite some time. Oops. I was so groggy yesterday that I wasn't quite myself until about 2:30pm. I really couldn't afford to miss a whole day of work. There is no such thing as sick pay when you're a temp, you know. Ugh. Regardless, Nikki, Nubbie (my new teddy bear that Andrew bought me as a belated Christmas present last Sunday at Build-a-Bear at the mall), and I got a lot of rest.

Anyway, after finally getting myself together yesterday, I headed to Andrew's ~6:30pm. Lately, my car just hadn't been sounding right so I added some oil. Well, 2 quarts actually. It fit! How was I supposed to know that just because you can fit oil in a car doesn't mean it needs it?? I did it back in January too when my partner-in-crime and I left the mountains after attending a lovely wedding of two dear friends.

This time, a few blocks from my house, the car began to cough and sputter when I gave it gas. Spark plugs? Air in the tank? What the--? I called Andrew, and we discussed that possibilities. It seemed to be getting better as I went along so I decided to chance getting on 40. Dumb idea. My poor car wouldn't stay at a constant speed. As soon as I merged onto 40, I noticed a big, white cloud flowing behind me. I was burning oil so I pulled to the shoulder.

To my surprise, immediately, a transportation dept emergency vehicle pulled up behind me, flashing his lights. I WAS SAVED! :o) I told him the problem and confessed that I'd just put oil in. He checked the dipstick (what a novel idea!), and
I had WAY too much oil. Oops. He told me where a Jiffy Lube was, and that they'd probably stilll be open. I asked his name, and he gave me his card........Darrell "Heavy" Harris. He was as he sounds...........a LARGE man. He was an angel in my book.

At Jiffy Lube, they let 2 quarts surplus oil outta my car. I felt so dumb, but I swore that I'd pass my knowledge on.