Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I dropped Eomer at the vet Monday morning. Nikki laughed her ass off because she had a checkup scheduled for 3:40, and Eomer took her appt!! Thankfully, our vet lets you drop off in the morning for a later appt for a nominal fee. Eomer seemed pretty chipper that morning considering, but still he was having diarrhea and getting dehydrated. It's really nice that Andrew & I know enough about ferrets that we could keep him at home and *not* have to pay an emergency vet over the weekend.

Basically, the vet said that the blood work showed that some of his liver & kidneys values weren't good (ie, the organs aren't doing what they should). His albumen is low so fluid is seeping into the cavities of his little belly causing a fluid build up. She did a abdomincentisis and the fluid was yellowish which also indicates liver problems. The diarrhea can be a result of liver problems too. When he had his partial pancreas-removal surgery several months ago to treat his insulinoma, it turned into a spleenectomy as well because it was about to rupture. The ultrasound back then showed a spot on his liver so Dr D seems to think that the cancer spread to his liver. Liver cancer ain't good. No, cancer is good, but liver cancer *sure* ain't good.

Dr D gave Eomer some Baytril (anti-infective) & Flagyl (anti-biotic) to help combat the diarrhea. On top of that, he's getting subcutaneous fluids 2x a day. (Thankfully, I just bought a case of fluids for Nikki.) Plus, he's still taking 1) Enalapril (ACE inhibitor) which basically helps lower his blood pressure & helps prevent/treat his congestive heart failure by dialating his blood vessels, and 2) Lasix (diuretic) which helps flush the fluids out.

All this and he doesn't weigh 2 pounds. Poor fellow.

By Monday night, Eomer was doing pretty well and even ran around the den a bit. He seemed better able to control *where* he went to the bathroom so we even let him sleep in his favorite afghan in the corner. Tuesday at lunch, Andrew came home and checked on him, and he was doing well. Right after work, Andrew stopped by the house on the way to D&D and all was well. However, when I came home at 7:45, all that I could do was get my dinner cooked & barely eaten before Eomer started having problems. He was straining to go to the bathroom, but there was nothing he was experiencing rectal prolapse. Finally, I put him in a sleepy sack and just held him so he would stop trying to go and calm down. Thankfully, the inversion was a temporary problem that would stop when he stopped straining. As you can imagine, Eomer was very upset, and I couldn't be sure if he was crying in pain or frustration. Slowly, he began to calm down. Thankfully, Andrew was home from D&D soon after that to lend a hand. Once Eomer fully calmed down, the whimpering stopped. Meanwhile, Nikki was in the bathroom throwing up from constipation. Yee-ha. One child with diarrhea, and one with constipation. I was exhausted.

This morning, I found him sleeping pretty good, and he hadn't made a mess in his bed......but neither had he gone on the paper.....which was puzzling. Andrew does his morning meds so he just messaged me that, after I left for work, Eomer took his meds, ate well, peed, and seemed to be doing okay. I hope today turns out to be a good day for Eomer. If not, I so fear that the end is coming.