Saturday, October 21, 2006

Flu bug or more?

Eomer is still not out of the woods. For almost 24 hours, he has been lethargic and he's had diarrhea. Last night, he seemed to perk up after having rec'd subcu fluids 3x yesterday and having eaten lots of Nutri-cal & chicken gravy. He definitely seemed to feel better and even drank some water on his own. Andrew & I didn't go to bed until 2pm. Almost an hour ago, I found Eomer seemingly back where he was yesterday morning. I woke Andrew & we gave him more subcu and cleaned his bedding. By the looks of the dry newspaper, he hadn't gotten out of the bed all night. I held him until he settled back down. Like anybody, Eomer gets very upset when he poops & pees himself.

So, I guess today we wait & see again. If he doesn't improve today, we'll call Dr D. She & her awesome tech are out of the office this weekend, but we have Dr D's cell for emergencies.