Saturday, October 21, 2006

Never ready

My sweet ferret is not doing well today. Eomer grunts sometimes when he's snuggling into his bed, when you're holding him, or when he's going to the bathroom, but lately he seems to do it more than he used to for unexplained reasons. This morning, my husband & I heard him this morning grunting in his bed in his cage, and at first, we didn't think much about it. However, then we realized that Eomer was going to the bathroom in his sleepy sack.

Today, Eomer's congestive heart failure may be getting the best of him. Only time will tell. He doesn't seem to have enough energy to stand to go to the bathroom. I have held him up for him to do so, and I've had to clean him up a few times. It makes him very upset when he has to go and can't adequately stand which may explain the grunting earlier today. He has eaten some magick ferret chicken gravy and some Nutri-cal, and now he's sleeping.

The plan for today is to keep an eye on Eomer and hope for the best.