Thursday, August 03, 2006

My skates went to Rollercon and left me behind....

Yep, my R3s are in Vegas. They arrived today at the Plaza Hotel to be delivered to Ivanna S. Pankin, Queen of Sin City Skates. She is going to take them to Rollercon and show them to the Riedell booth people right next to the Sin City Skates booth. Hopefully, I'll get a credit out of this for new Riedell skates of *another* style. No more R3s for me.

It's funny----I'll miss those stupid R3s even though they seriously stunted my derby progress. What kind of sense does that make? I guess that I was just so excited to finally have my first pair of speed skates. I wanted them so bad back in '79/'80.

Now, I have to decide what skates I want next. 122s? 125s? Suggestions, anybody? Keep in mind I have a wide foot and high instep.