Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I still don't have my skates. Now, I don't blame Ivanna a bit. Sean @ Riedell is the one at whom I'm really pissed me off. After saying that he would be sending me my new 122s, I thanked Ivanna and started dealing only with him by email. He told me that I'd get "EVO swirl wheels or Demon". However, once he told me that the wide boot would take 4-6 weeks, I said I'd just take the regular size and take them locally to be stretched. That was mid-last week. At that point, he threw me back to Ivanna on Thursday. And guess what? She was taking a well-deserved post-Rollercon long weekend vacation!!! So I finally heard from her last night, and we were back at square one. She needed to talk to Sean and figured out what he had promised me exactly, how it would work for her to send them when Riedell is the one that owes me new skates, etc. She'd be able to send them in the next few days, she thought. I offered to pay for freaking overnight shipping. I haven't been to practice in nearly a month since it was confirmed that my old skates were lemons. I'm DYING to skate. Do you know what a skate-less derby girl is capable of? I'm totally off my rocker!!!!