Thursday, April 25, 2002

****PMS Alert****

I am so tired. I feel like all I've been doing lately is running around. I can't remember the last time that I could truly relax and rejuvenate. Let's see how far back that I can remember what I did:

Last night, Wed: I went straight from work to have dinner with two dear girlfriends. Then, we shopped. I bought some great new sandals at Kohl's, and at World Market, I bought some purple bindi, wooden Hindu prayer hands, & two neat-o Banjara keychains. I got home around 9:15.

Tuesday: I flew home from work to water & feed Nikki, clean her box, pack a bag, and go to Andrew's. On the way, I stopped by Eckerd's to pick up some pictures that I had developed. The mysterious throw-away camera turned out to be the one that I used at a childhood friend's wedding almost 2 years ago!!! We did laundry for which I am eternally grateful, but that last trip up from the laundry room just about killed me. Stupid thyroid.

Monday: I went straight from work to the hospital to visit my grandmother who had knee replacement surgery last Friday. She looked great! I saw her 7 inches of staples. Unbelievable!! Her roommate turned out to be a lady that worked in the same building with Grandma when they both worked for the state. Small world.

Sunday: Andrew & I went to look at apartments after doing some research online. We ended up at the complex that we had visited several months ago to look at 1 bedrooms when he was looking to move at the end of his lease. They were really nice apartments, but he decided to go month-to-month where he is. Anyway, Sunday, we returned to see the 2 bedrooms. Amazing. My gut feeling kicked in before we even entered the office. I already knew we'd decide to live there. Monday at lunch, I returned to the office to submit our applications. With the 2 months' free special plus $500 off the first months' rent special plus the security deposit & admin fee waived because my employer is "preferred", I feel like we're robbing them. Depending on which unit becomes available, our rent will roughly be ~$800 which included washer/dryer rental and pet rent. We're on a waiting list for now, but moving day will be ~June 30.

After apartment hunting, I raced to a pal's house for our first ever troupe practice. Three girls from my original belly dancing class & I have decided to just get together on a regular basis and dance, share our belly dancing cd/music, etc, and just enjoy the company of other dancers. We had a blast! Leaving there about 7:30, I went on an hour long quest for 15v fuses for my apartment. I live in an old building so I don't have circuit breakers. I have old style fuses that screw in like a light bulb. Well, unfortunately, at 7:30/8ish pm on a Sunday night, the hardware store folks have all gone home. I went home fuseless and moved the other wall socket fuse to the empty outlet so I could log on and, then, moved it back before I went to bed. (My dad's words of wisdom? "Whatever you do, don't stick a penny in the hole. You run the risk of burning the house down." Never occurred to me to do that. Oh, and his other advice gem? "Don't stick your finger in the hole." Ok. Thanks, Dad.

Saturday: I woke up at my house, made a yummy pot of coffee with some Indiana brew my old roommie brought me last time that she was here and laid around with Nikki. In the earlier afternoon, I went to a FANTASTIC belly dancing workshop given by a local area troupe. I learned a lot (floreo, camel, ghawahzee, half moon, reach & sit, and a different take on several moves that I already knew. Then, the troupe performed 3 numbers for us. All this for just $20. It was so worth it. I went home, packed, and went to Andrew's. We went to the new mall for dinner and a little shopping. I bought a new cd by Miriam "Mother Africa" Makeba. I had never heard of her before, but the sound of her voice made me cry in the middle of Barnes & Noble. If you don't know who she is, find out.

Friday: I went straight to the hospital after work to see my grandmother who had had knee surgery that day. My mom & dad were there plus Mom's 7 brothers & sisters plus two brothers' wives. How many is that? 1...2....3..... TWELVE!!!! We had 12 people in a hospital room. Hee.

Typing this has helped me understand why I'm so tired. I should get off this stupid computer and go to bed early. I had to miss a dear friend's jewelry party tonight because I was having a PMS freakout. I was so looking forward to going so I could lay my eyes on several friends that I don't see that often these days, and that fact upsets me greatly. There just aren't enough hours in the day lately.

So if you're reading this and you are one of my friends (guy or gal), I miss you. Truly, I do, and I hope to see you soon....................