Saturday, July 22, 2006

I decided to sleep in this morning, and, with my hubby at TrinocCon, there was nothing to disturb me. Late morning sleeping seems to breed weird dreams. The dream that I had started with trying to get out of a house that some sort of zombies/monsters were in. I remember not having time to get everything that I needed, but I grabbed my cat Nikki. Then, the premise of the dream was that everyone, and I mean *everyone* had to leave their homes and flee something. I can't remember what the something was, but it wasn't good. I found my dad first, and then miraculously my whole family was reunited. People were living in camps and scraping to get by. Then, I saw a woman come into our 'area' and take Nikki! I ran as fast as my legs would take me and followed her into a building where a pregnant cat rescue had set up shop.

"Pregnant? My cat's not pregnant!", I yelled. "She's 19, and her tummy skin is just droopy!" The lady apologized and I left with Nikki.

Later in the dream, it came to my attention that Nikki was being cared for at another makeshift vet for losing all but one of her toes on one foot. I raced there only to find that it wasn't Nikki at all. She was fine. She was back at the camp safe in her carrier.

Heh. It's funny. Dreams seem so scary when they are still in your head. When you type them out, they seem really stupid. However, I often have dreams of trying to find Nikki or save Nikki or something Mom-ish about Nikki along those lines. My Mom said that she often has had similar dreams over the years of my sister, brother, & I. It must be a Mom thing.

Anyway, when I woke up to the phone, I was so happy to find that raggedy old cat laying next to me. I thanked my husband for calling and waking me from my terrible dream.