Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My old MySpace profile:
human, woman, wife, daughter, sister, furmom, aunt, rookie Carolina Rollergirl*****

Random details:

I've been a bellydancer for 4 years, and I am a founding member of a tribal fushion bellydance troupe Akasha. However, I hung up my hip scarf when I found derby.

My geriatric cat takes medicine for high blood pressure, constipation, plus an anti-acid every day. Thanks to her bad kidneys, she also gets 200-250 mls of fluid that I have to give her subcutaneously. It's kind of like putting gas in a car. She hates it, but it's the most important thing for her kidneys.

My geratric ferret has insulinoma....which is basically a disease characterized by small tumors in the pancreas that cause low blood sugar. He takes Prednisone daily and eats TONS of Nutri-cal.

I'm a native Raleigh girl. Third generation (at least) Wake County resident.

I like the beach off season. All that I want to do is look for shells.

I get bad headaches when a front is coming. I also get a lot of sinus headaches and migraines.

I was Indian in another lifetime. I love everything about South Asian culture (food, dance, clothes, music, etc.). I think South Asians are some of the most beautiful people in the world. I have to be careful not to be caught staring at traditionally dressed women in public. The gorgeous colors of their sari or salwaar kameeze, their shiny black braid, their bindi..... beautiful.

I love my 18 year old cat to the point of insanity.

I love and appreciate the differences in people. I am enthralled with cultures of the world. I love to travel, eat foreign food, listen to & learn foreign languages, etc.

I've worked many jobs in my life. My first job in 5th grade was delivering a weekly advertising paper. I think I made ~$15 a month!!! Since then, I've worked in fast food, bookstores, a shoe store, as a telemarketer, in a condominium office, as a social worker in foster care, answering calls to the national AIDS hotline, as an intake specialist for a managed mental health care company, in provider relations at an HMO, as a PartyLite consultant, and as an accounting clerk in various compacities (a/p, a/r, and billing).
I've had several volunteer jobs in my life. I've worked at a mental hospital, a medical hospital, and an animal shelter.

I'm a pesca-vegetarian......and that means that I do eat fish.