Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I just read Fairy Brutal's blog that Sean Johnson, (dj oldschool) was killed in a car accident yesterday morning. I can't get my head around it. I just 'found' Sean here on myspace and was in the process of reconnecting with my old friend.

Sean & I used to hang out together at the 5-0 back in the day when Rachel & I were frequenting it in its last days. The Saturday night Goth Night crowd ruled....James Clark, Jacob, Heather, Ben K, Ben S., Joe, Tonya, Larry, & various stragglers & other really nice people whose names time has erased ... and of course Susan & Scott who owned 5-0 and now own Kulture. We drank pitchers of Guinness, played Real Tournament, and had a damn good time. Actually, I met my husband during this period, thanks to Joe who brought Andrew to the 5-0 in May of 2001.

Sean was always a bright light. Bethe nicknamed him "Shiny". Always smiling. Always good for a hug. We even kissed once back then.

I was really looking forward to seeing him again. I couldn't tell from his pix on his Old School page if that was him....for sure He didn't have a furry face when I knew him.

Rest in peace, Sean. Your light was too bright to stay here for too long. Shine on, man. Shine on.

***From his page, ganked from Fairy's blog***
Mind Storm
I have lived my life through the storms of the world and looking back it makes me calm. The people in my life, past and present, are mirror images of myself walking through the rain and sunshine. Looking up and out over the land I see peace in my world, people sharing the love for the moment and living for the now. How wonderful it is to be free and a prisoner of what is right for you, with a smile on your face and a hart that you give freely to whoever wants it you look into my eyes and see that I to will give it back two fold. My eyes are windows for you to either look into or brake, that is your choice, and I will get new ones and rebuild my house so that you will learn that either way you will look into my soul, broken or not.