Thursday, April 20, 2006

My first wedding anniversary is Sunday, and I just found out that husband is wisking me away to Atlanta for a long weekend. He talked to my boss and got me off work tomorrow & Monday. He arranged for someone that our vet recommended to petsit our ferret. She's coming in about an hour. He arranged for my parents to petsit my cat, and they'll be here in about 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, this means that I won't be at practice for the whole weekend, and I'll miss Duncan's Fish Fry. :( Leadfoot, I'm sorry, but someone else will have to bring the 100 forks that I signed up to bring.

He's been planning this for a month and a half, and I had no freaking idea. He told me that we were going to dinner on Sunday, and that I should leave the entire weekend open so we could be together. Therefore, I already knew that I was going to miss the B'Earthday party. Now, I've found out that we're staying in the Westin Peachtree, dining in the rotating restaurant on top, and going to the Georgia Renaissance Faire all weekend!!! (We love ren faires!)

Frog, Faye, Krewe: Y'all have great birthdays and a great party!

I'll miss you all, but I'm so excited. I married my prince last year, and I'm glad to know that he still keeps me guessing.