Saturday, April 08, 2006

I haven't skated in 6 days, and I think it's very interesting the effect that it has had on me.

Last Sunday, I woke up feeling the beginnings of the Pollen Ick. I still made it to practice because I wasn't feeling bad. At practice, I had the opportunity to reduce my time for 20 laps. About a week after I started training, we did the 20 at practice, and I couldn't finish it without getting off the floor and sitting & drinking water. I did finish finally though and clocked in at about 12:48. Last Sunday, I had no problems skating the 20 and I stayed on Scoob's tail, and we both came in at 7:46. I was thrilled!

By Monday, I felt horrible, and, on Tuesday, I learned from the doctor that I had bronchitis. I was out of work Wednesday too which sux because I'm temp right now. No work; no $$. Ugh. Meanwhile, I stayed away from practice of course.

By Thursday, I was much better and planned to go to practice Friday night, but the girls at work talked me out of it. They thought that I shouldn't push it. Then, I started to worry that if I relapsed I'd miss the bout. Plus, Friday night is speed practice so if I went I wouldn't exactly take it easy. I decided to not go.

When my hubby came home, we ended up walking to the Mellow Mushroom for dinner. Of course, we sat outside because the weather was awesome. After we got back to the house, we sat on the porch and enjoyed the lovely evening. Bad idea. I woke up this morning feeling like I did early last week. Ugh. So I decided to not go to practice yet again, and I also missed the Derby Education Class. :(

Now, it's 1:00am Sunday morning, and I haven't done much all day. Andrew left around lunch time to go meet & play with his new D&D group. About the time that he left, my ferret Eomer crashed.....which is what we call it when his sugar drops dangerously low. I fixed up the syringe of dextrose fluids (sugar), and used the butterfly needle to load it in his back. Until he came to, I held him and kept him warm in a towel. Then, I took a nap for a few hours. Bad dreams, but that's another story. In the late afternoon, I decided to catch up on my neglected episodes of Eastenders (British soap on PBS). Believe it or not, Eomer crashed again. This time, I gave him hydrating fluids, thinking dehydration was the problem this time since I just given him dextrose earlier in the day. Sometimes his dehydration causes him as much trouble as his sugar dropping. The fluids had no effect which really scared the hell out of me. He always comes around after we give him fluids, and I reallly feared that we were going to lose him. Eventually, I fixed up a syringe of dextrose which did the trick. Within a few minutes, he was up trotting around making sure that his house was in order. (Note: in case you don't know---everything belongs to a ferret in his/her opinion.)

During the evening, I learned that stats folks aren't needed at practice in the morning. Only those vital to bout production are needed. Damn---I wanted an excuse to put my skates on tomorrow.

I think lack of exercise really does bring me down. Laying around the house brings me down. I should have gone somewhere today. Anywhere. I know better than to stay home when I feel blue.

On the bright side, tomorrow is the bout, and it's the first bout that I've ever been to!!! I'm so excited. I'm really, really happy to be part of this wonderful world of roller derby. I've needed something like this in my life for a while.

Well, this is a long first post and not a very chipper one, but it's my blog and this is how I'm feeling today. It's got to be all downhill from here.