Sunday, June 16, 2002

Hi! I'm Snad. Remember me??? :^)

Thanks to my trusty readers who check this site every day. ....even though I haven't written in almost a month! I'm still averaging only 3 hits per day so I'd better get on the stick if I don't want to lose my audience!!!

A lot has been going on lately, the biggest of which is Andrew & I are moving in 2 weeks. Yep. Snad is shacking up. We found a new, 2 bed/2 bath apt that should be able to accomodate us, our stuff, the ferrets, and a geriatric cat. Needless to say, there will have to be some adjustments for us all, but I know that Andrew & I are meant to be so it'll all work out. It has too, dammit.

Speaking of ferrets: of course, we miss our ferretgirl Serina terribly. Sometimes, I'll be just doing my thing and something will remind me of her, and I'll just break down crying. Well, that's grief, isn't it? Kicks you in the butt when you least expect it.

Our ferretboys have adjusted well, I think, to Serina's absence. They have grown very close, and their antics are a great source of entertainment for Andrew & I. In fact, Max just figured out how to get outta his cage so I gotta go.

More later...........