Saturday, June 22, 2002

This is my last weekend in my favorite apartment ever, and that's not a slam to my former roommates and the places that we lived. I just really felt a connection to this old place, and I'll miss it.

So last night while Andrew was spending time with his mom who's in town, I enjoyed a quiet Friday night with Nikki. I talked on the phone a bit, made some lists of things-to-do, surfed the belly dancing sites, etc. About 9pm, I realized that I had never eaten so I decided to call in a take out order to my favorite middle eastern deli. Mmmmm. A fattoush salad & halloumi cheese, and I decided to try a side order of foule. Oh, and let's don't forget my burma dessert. YUM!

After picking up the food, I decided to get a six pack so I stopped at my favorite convenience store in the same shopping center. I got a parking space right in front, hopped out of the car, took about 3 steps, and................there *he* was. My most recent ex whom I haven't laid eyes on in 5 years and 2 months. He was inside the store shopping. My body went on autopilot cuz I don't remember even thinking about my next steps. I did a 360 and got right back in the car. It was then that I realized that my heart was racing and I was shaking. I moved the car across the parking lot and watched until he & some woman (probably his wife) came out the door.

Yep. It was him....and he looked like Grisly Adams. No lie. I mean, when I dated him, his hair was long, and he grew a beard at one point, but, holy cow, he was all hair last night. I watched them as they made their way down the sidewalk to the stairs and disappeared. Then, I went in the store and bought my 6 of my new favorite beer Blue Star and took myself on home.

Upon reflection, I know that my reaction was purely a "fight or flight" response. Well, baby, I flew!!!! Man, he is #2 on my list of never want to see you again. It wasn't that I looked bad last night either. I just don't care to exchange uncomfortable pleasantries with a man who BROKE MY HEART IN TWO while his wife stands by his side wondering who the heck I am. Ugh. Ugh.

Actually, I see it as sort of neat-o closure too. I mean, I'm done with him. I have been for about 2 years, but I find it sort of poetic that I finally see him after allllllllll this time, and I'm just getting ready to move in with a man who *does* love me & who *does* want to marry me & who *doesn't* mind meeting my family.

My dad was probably right. He'll "probably never amount to much".