Sunday, May 19, 2002

Don't feel much like blogging. There's too much to say, and I don't feel like saying much of anything. Andrew & I lost our ferretgirl Serina on Friday night in a horrible accident. It all happened so fast, but it was unfortunately too late for us to do anything. She was gone. I was reminded how permanent death is. Seems silly, but I actually kept expecting the nightmare to end........and I still am but it hasn't.

Rest in peace, our dear sweet baby girl Serina. We had you only 5 months, but it seemed like so much longer. (Technically, she belonged to Andrew, but we consider all our animals to be joint-owned.) I will never forget the fact that it was Serina who presented me with my first Mother's Day card ever signed by her, Max, & Gandalf.

She was precious, and I'd do anything for her to bite my ankle again.