Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I have truly lost my Chucks-loving mind.

As someone who has slightly wide feet and an especially high instep, I got to where I didn't even try on shoes that weren't marked W or C. Of course, this has limited my shoe buying choices for about the past 15 years or so. Therefore, I had never had a pair of Converse All Stars aka Chuck Taylors.

Last summer I noticed one of the other roller girls changing into lo-top black Chucks after practice. I thought they looked really cute on her. It was also like I was seeing Chucks for the first time. Not long after, I was shopping in TJ Maxx when I found hi-top olive green Chucks with pink trim on sale for $19.99. Just for fun, I tried them on and the FIT!!!!!!!!!! It was love at first sight. They felt so good on my feet!

For several months, I was content to enjoy my one pair. Then one day, I decided that I needed a pair just to wear to the 'Canes games. You know....to trek back and forth to the car from the RBC Center....especially through those stupid muddy parking lots. I found double tongue lo-tops in black with red accents on Zappos for $37, and they became my official game going sneaks.

Then, I really can't explain what happened. A few weekends ago, I found myself on Ebay & Shoes.com & Shoemall.com & Amazon.com & Converse.com, and now I have 3 more pairs and two on the way! I haven't paid over $30 (including shipping) for any, except one pair. 4 out of the 5 pairs came from Ebay and are either totally brand new with tags in the original box or only slightly worn. First came the virgin cranberry/parchment striped hi-tops from Shoes.com ($40).....then, the pink & green lo-tops slightly used from a lady in OR ($30.85).....then, the brand new chocolate brown hi-tops with a pink eyelet overlay from someone in Texas ($29.19).....the worn-once pale pink lo-tops with pale pink eyelet overlay are on the way from some lady whose daughter couldn't wear them ($19.25)....and I just won a pair of lo-top whites from a lady in Brevard NC for $18.50!!!

In a few short weeks, I went from 2 pairs of Chucks to 7 pairs of Chucks.

Love them!
Love them!
Love them!!!

I know that I'm not alone in my obsession. I don't feel bad about buying all of these either because...well, I'm not really a shopper-type so I don't spend a lot of money at the mall. Me? I love a bargain....and that's what I've been getting PLUS super comfie cool shoes.