Sunday, February 16, 2003


Snad is back!! :D

I've tried to post a few times in the past few months, but nothing ever went through due to error 503. Whatever. Decided to change my template today and---presto!---my blog is working again. Like the kitty? =^..^=

I've been superbusy lately with my bellydancing. I joined a troupe in October, and it's been nutz ever since. I still really like dancing. It fullfils me in a way that I would never have expected.

I danced yesterday with a few dance sisters at the peace rally/march. Our banner said "Bellydancers for peace & justice". We created quite a stir, of course. We were thrilled to find some drummers to drum for us so we shimmied our muffins off.

My brother is a major in the Army, and I've always been proud of him and always will be. I support him and the rest of our troups 100%. They are just doing their jobs. However, I wish that we could solve this without war.

My favorite sign from yesterday: "The word "War" begins with Dubya."

Peace, y'all.....