Monday, April 14, 2003


It's been a whole year since I first bared my belly and danced at my first hafla.

I remember being so scared and so sure that I wasn't ready to dance in front of people. I remember feeling so unsure about the choreography. I remember feeling so daring for wearing a choli. Of course, everything went WONDERFULLY. My parents, 3 dear friends, and my boyfriend all came to support me. Dad still calls me a "hootchie cootchie dancer", but at least I know that he's just kidding.

After 11 mos of dancing, I was asked to join a local troupe which has been quite challenging. I haven't given up yet though. I guess that it would have been nice to come into a troupe where the exisiting members took you under their wings for a while. Not this troupe! I've been expected to act as an equal to my troupe sisters, and that's where the challenge comes in. I'm giving it my best shot for sure.

Random thoughts: Nikki went to the vet last week, and ALL her blood tests came back fine....which is awesome for a 16 year old furpuss. On the work front, I met all my objectives for my quarterly bonus! YIPEE!!! Yesterday, Andrew & I hung rich burgandy red draperies in the computer room to help block out the sun since he'll be working from home in his new job. Oh, and I went to a scary movie Friday night. Yep, me! "House of 1001 Corpes" could have been worse for a non-scary-movie-watching person. No bad dreams yet.